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Kennedy Ho is pleased to announce the opening of Asia Gem Center (AGC). Ho is the third son of Waing Kong Ho whose reputation is world renowned as a pioneer and leading visionary for the gems and jewelry business in Asia. Waing Kong Ho started his business in a tiny office with little capital and built the largest gem brokerage firm in Thailand and slowly diversified into education, hotel, software, trading and investment businesses. His reputation for honesty, hard work, modesty and integrity enabled him to achieve his goals readily assisted by his four sons.

Kennedy Ho aims to bring his knowledge of the gems brokerage online for the benefit of buyers and sellers. Ho, an engineer by education has an interesting background in software development, hotels, real estate and in the field of general management of large companies. Ho says: "It is time that our industry embrace technology and put it to effective use. AGC's online division, does business under the name "". This e-commerce platform will effectively connect buyers and sellers and improve profits by cost reductions, time savings and improve efficiency by many folds."

As CEO of Asia Gem Center, Ho has the advantage of the long history and experience he has gained and the relationships he has built with loyal buyers and dedicated suppliers. "Friends are for life and we are there for each other in good times and bad", says Ho. This bond and understanding gives Ho the confidence to step into the Internet world connecting people very much like his father used to do for each person one at a time, giving them his undivided attention and assistance.

Our mission - To bring gemstone buyers and sellers together in the most efficient manner allowing safe and sustainable business transaction.

Passion - we are passionate gem lovers committed to finding the best, most beautiful gems at the right price for you.

Quality - we care about quality and appreciate the rarity and difficulty of buying gems that are legitimately sourced.

Disclosure - advocate the complete disclosure, transparency and trace-ability of the gems you buy. We strive to inform you the source of origins and gemstone treatments.

Integrity - we believe that integrity and reliability are two most important factors underlying our business philosophy leading to trust and confidence.

Accountability - we try harder to communicate effectively and efficiently to be accountable and on time with order fulfillment and strict quality control.

Innovation - we innovate to make life easier simpler and faster for the buyers and sellers through our e-commerce platform

Education - we train our staffs in the knowledge and skills including but not limited to gemology, cutting, negotiating, languages, travel, security and sourcing.

Information - we are research oriented and dedicated to reporting actual truthful and reliable information.