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How is your company different from other gem brokerage companies?
AGC differs from other gem brokerage companies because of the long history vast experience of its competency and reliability. The Ho family's stellar reputation for fair dealings and deep knowledge of the gem market can be a critical and invaluable asset to you.

What kind of gems can you offer?
AGC offers more than 35 varieties of commercial gemstones comprising of rubies, sapphires, emerald, jade, peridot, spinel, chrysoberyl, tourmaline, garnet and many more. AGS also supplies collectors' gems that are rare and from private sources.

Where may I examine the gems that are for sale?
Our offices are in the Jewelry Trade Center Bangkok on the 4th floor of the Shopping Plaza.

What is your commission fee?
Our commission is 6% taken from the seller.

What are the services you provide if I buy through AGC?
AGC inspects and examines every purchased item for its' authenticity and also advises the buyer on present market conditions and prices.

How are my gems shipped?
Most of the gems are shipped by Air Freight full insured. There are no extra shipping charges on your purchase.

May I hand carry my purchases?
Yes, of course.

How may I make an appointment to visit your office?
Please click here and our sales staff will be in contact with you.

Does AGC exhibit in any gem and jewelry shows?
Yes, we are in the March & September Hong Kong Fair and at the Tucson Gem Fair in February.