Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an individual, you can register by bringing your ID card and registering with us. For foreigners, you will need to bring your passport for registration. High volume users can apply for the AIGS VIP Card for special discounts. Visit for more information.

Yes. You need to give the original document provided by the lab on the submission date to your representative. We do not accept document copies.

We also accept bank transfers and credit cards (minimum 10,000 THB).

Our head office is in Thailand and we have a branch in Shanghai and Shenzhen (China). We also have a take-in window in Japan. See for more info.

Our standard service usually takes 5-7 working days. We will advise on the exact turnaround date when you submit your stones. Should you require a faster turnaround, we offer 3 days Express Service for an additional charge of 1,000 THB per stone or a 24 hours Super Express Service for an additional 3,000 THB per stone.

Please visit for our full list of services and prices.

Yes, we can test stones in the setting and will state that on the report. When the weight of the stone is provided by the customer, we can add an additional comment “weight of the stone is provided by customer.”

We do not remove gems from settings to avoid damages that may occur. The customer can test them as jewelry.

For a large quantity, it will be more economical for you if you purchase our membership card. For more information, please visit

Customers can submit a stone to us by mail. Customers are responsible for the shipping fee, and it is better if customers have a direct call with Malca-Amit or Brink’s service. These 2 companies have an agreement with the Thai Customs Department to bring the stones tax-free. The client pays only 0.2% of the total stone value.

You do not need to make an appointment and can walk in to submit your stone at any of our branches during working hours.

Reports can be verified online by visiting

You can also conveniently use the "AIGS App" to scan and verify your reports. The App can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.

Should you encounter any problem with the verification, please contact us directly at

Yes, for lost report, we can reprint to replace the original one at a cost of 1,000 THB.

We are a gem-testing laboratory and gemology school. We do not do gems appraisal and evaluation.

It will be a case-by-case basis. Please contact your preferred testing branch and provide dimensions and a photo. Generally, you will be required to make a small polished window (2 cm) so we will be able to do the fundamental analysis.

We can test diamonds and any colored gemstones including precious and semi-precious gemstones. We do not test amber, coral, turquoise and pearls.

Yes, you can ask for our color check service which is 200 THB per stone. This fee is waived if you decide to make a full report. The special colors are Pigeon’s Blood, Royal Blue, Padparadscha, Jedi, etc.